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Our Story

Alexy Metals was founded in 2005 primarily as a precious metal refiner of brazing alloys and precious metals. With urging from old friends and customers, Alexy Metals began stocking and distributing brazing alloys from the "World's Best" global manufacturers. In 2015, Alexy Metals received their AS 9120 and IS0 9001 Registration and continued to become a leading supplier to some of the most demanding Aerospace and Medical customers. In 2020, Alexy Metals launched an E-commerce platform where customers can purchase brazing alloys at market pricing that updates pricing every few minutes the first of its kind in the industry.

What we do

Alexy Metals is an industry leader in chemical refining of Gold, Silver, platinum, and Palladium. Using proprietary processes, we can extract valuable precious metals from braze alloys and non-conforming brazed components. This includes embedded, internal brazed assemblies.

Our Mission

Our quality systems are approved by some of the largest aerospace and medical companies in the world. We hold ourselves to the highest standard to ensure that we are not only protecting the environment, but we are educating and promoting safe and healthy practices of the mining and refining industries.

Our commitment goes farther than most, as we donate a percentage of our annual sales, and many volunteer hours, to the artisanal gold Council.

The artisanal Gold Council is a not-for-profit organization that is dedicated to improving the opportunities environment and health of the millions of people involved in artisanal and small scale gold mining in a developing world and in doing so improving the global gold sector.

To find out more, or to donate, please click on the following link. http://www.artisanalgold.org/

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Our Founder and President

Grayson Alexy, President

Grayson Alexy is the founder and President of Alexy Metals. He entered into the refining and recovery business because he could not find a suitable foundry that could process brazing alloys without losing 4-8% of the precious metals in the alloys. Partnering with a local jewelry maker, they developed a unique process that extracts all of the precious metals from brazing alloys. A process much different than karat gold and sterling silver used by most refineries.

Mr. Alexy got his start at a braze preform manufacturer and distributor for brazing alloys located in Parma, Ohio in 1991. He held many positions there from a warehouse worker to The Vice President of Sales and Marketing. Focusing on (telemarketing) sales, Grayson took the company from a regional, to national, to International organization. The company experienced unprecedented growth during his time and along with his team grew the organization over 2400%.

Mr. Alexy is an active member of the American Welding Society and is the Chairman of the C-3 committee on Brazing and Soldering. Mr. Alexy has been published in the Welding Journal and other leading industry magazines and received his first Patent in 2003.

Mr. Alexy received his MBA from the Weatherhead School of Management at Case Western Reserve University in 2009.