Product Specifications


AM Ag-24 Trimetal is produced using a 1:2:1 Ratio of Bag-24 Brazing Alloy and Pure Copper (CDA 110) Foil. AM Ag-24 Trimetal is primarily used for brazing carbide to steel applications where the copper acts as a “buffer” to stresses of thermal expansion and fractures into steel. AM Ag-24 Trimetal can also be removed and repaired with new carbide. AM Ag-24 Trimetal is also the preferred silver brazing filler metal for carbides and cutting tools due to its nickel content and diffusion properties. 


Brazing Characteristics

AM Ag-24 Trimetal has a narrow melting range and is very fluid at brazing temperature. It is recommended to heat the base metals uniformly and quickly through its melting range. Caution is required NOT to over-heat and melt the pure copper between the filler metal. Am Ag-24 Trimetal will require a brazing Flux in almost all applications. 



AM Ag-24 Trimetal conforms to American Welding Society (AWS) A5.8/A5.8M 2019: BAg-24 and Society of Automotive Engineers (SAE) AMS 4788


Forms Available

Foil, Sheet, and Stamped Preformed shapes; washers, discs, shims, specialty shapes. Two dimensional shapes can be Laser-cut and/or machined with EDM. Preforms must be cleaned prior to brazing. 


Compare With:

  • AMS: 4788
  • AWS: Bag-24 
  • Lucas Milhaupt: Trimet 259
  • Prince Izant: Tri50Ni2
  • UNS: P07505
  • Harris: BT-151
  • ISO: 17672


  • Brazing Temperature Range High:  1405°F / 763°C
  • Brazing Temperature Range Low:  1355°F / 735°C
  • Liquidus:  1305°F / 707°C
  • Solidus: 1220°F / 660°C


  • Ag: 50%
  • Cu: 20%
  • Zn: 28%
  • Ni: 2%