Product Specifications


AM Ag-8b is the one of the most widely used and cost-effective silver brazing alloys for vacuum and controlled atmosphere brazing (CAB). AM Ag-8b is excellent for joining copper, carbon steel, Kovar, nickel-based alloys, and metallized ceramics. AM BVAg-8b is Vacuum Tube Grade (VTG) which minimizes the allowable trace elements. AM Ag-8b contains 0.75% nickel giving it slightly more strength and diffusion than similar alloys without nickel. AM Ag-8b is widely used Aerospace, Klystron assemblies, Electron tubes, Vacuum Tubes, Power surge arrestors, wave guides, metallized ceramic to metal seals, and microwave components.


Brazing Characteristics

AM Ag-8b is very fluid at brazing temperature. It is recommended to heat the base metals uniformly and quickly. A minimum brazing temperature of 1535°F (835°C) is recommend for furnace and vacuum applications and a flux is required when brazing without a protective cover or shielding gas. 



AM Ag-8 conforms to American Welding Society (AWS) A5.8/A5.8M 2019: BAg-8b and BVAg-8b Grade 1 and Grade 2 and Unified Numbering System (UNS) P07728. 


Forms Available

Wire, Foil, Atomized powder, Paste, Sheet, and Preformed shapes; rings, washers, discs, shims, specialty shapes. Two dimensional shapes can be Laser-cut and/or machined with EDM. Preforms must be cleaned prior to brazing. 


Compare With:

  • AWS: Bag-8b / BVAg-8b Grade 1, and Grade 2
  • Lucas Milhaupt: Silvaloy 711
  • Prince Izant: Silver Braze 72Ni
  • UNS: P07728
  • Wesgo: NICUSIL-3


  • Brazing Temperature Range High:  1562°F / 850°C
  • Brazing Temperature Range Low:  1535°F / 835°C
  • Liquidus:  1463°F / 795°C
  • Solidus: 1436°F / 780°C


  • Ag: 71.15%
  • Cu: 28.1%
  • Ni: 0.75%