Product Specifications


AM In-10 Silver Brazing Alloy typically sees usage in windows and window assemblies that are hermetically sealed. AM In-10 is also used in heat exchangers.


Brazing Characteristics

AM In-10 features a low melting point, and a relatively low vapor pressure. AM In-10 is often used in conjunction with AM Ag-8 (BAg-8) as a step braze. This alloy is acceptable when brazing onto Copper, Nickel, Kovar, and metallized ceramics.


Forms Available

Wire, Foil, Atomized powder, Paste, Sheet, and Preformed shapes; rings, washers, discs, shims, specialty shapes. Two dimensional shapes can be Laser-cut and/or machined with EDM. Preforms must be cleaned prior to brazing. 


Compare With:

  • Wesgo: Incusil-10 


  • Brazing Temperature Range High:  1446°F / 786°C
  • Brazing Temperature Range Low:  1365°F / 741°C
  • Liquidus:  1346°F / 730°C
  • Solidus: 1265°F / 685°C


  • Ag: 63%
  • Cu: 27%
  • In: 10%