Product Specifications


AM In-15 is a high-purity alloy primarily used in Vacuum brazing applications. AM In-15 is a low temperature, low vapor pressure silver brazing alloy. AM In-15 is widely used on Copper, Nickel, Kovar, and Metalized Ceramics.


Brazing Characteristics

AM In-15 the low melting silver brazing alloy and is creates excellent hermetic seals. A minimum brazing temperature of 1166°F (630°C) is recommended. Am In-15 is only recommended in Controlled Atmosphere Brazing (CAB) applications.



AM In-15 is produced in accordance to American Welding Society (AWS) A5.8/A5.8M 2019: BVAg-29


Forms Available

Wire, Foil, Atomized powder, Paste, Sheet, and Preformed shapes; rings, washers, discs, shims, specialty shapes. Two dimensional shapes can be Laser-cut and/or machined with EDM. Preforms must be cleaned prior to brazing. 


Compare With:

  • Wesgo: Incusil-15
  • AWS: BVAg-29  


  • Brazing Temperature Range High:  1382°F / 750°C
  • Brazing Temperature Range Low:  1166°F / 630°C
  • Liquidus:  1335°F / 725°C
  • Solidus: 1116°F / 605°C


  • Ag: 61.5%
  • Cu: 23.5%
  • In: 15%