Product Specifications


AM Ni-60 is a Nickel-Chromium based alloy with good corrosion resistance, surface oxidation resistance, and overall good ductility in high temperature settings.  These factors make AM Ni-60 a popular alloy for use in electrical heating element materials, industrial furnaces, resistors, and other 'edge-wound' power resistors.  AM Ni-60 has very good coil-forming abilities.

AM Ni-60 is also used in temperature control equipment such as rheostats and "cold" resistors.  AM Ni-60 is commonly used in hot plates, toaster ovens, grills, fan heaters, braking resistors and other similar metal-sheathed instances.

AM Ni-60 provides good corrosion resistance except in atmospheres where sulfur is present


Brazing Characteristics 

AM Ni-60 has a maximum operating temperature of 1010°C (1850°F). It has good corrosion resistance, good oxidation properties, and very good form stability. The corrosion resistance is good except in Sulphur containing atmospheres. It is ideal for lower temperature applications such as heating elements.



AM Ni-60 conforms to ASTM B 344-01, and DIN 17470


Available Forms 

Wire, Foil, Atomized Powder and Paste 


Compare With: 

- Chromel C 

- Nikrothal 60 

- N6 

- HAI-NiCr 60  

- Tophet C 

- Resistohm 60

- Cronifer II

- Electroloy 

- Nichrome

- Alloy C

- Nikrothal 6


-Nichrome 60


- UNS: N99620 




• Maximum Operating Temperature: 1850°F / 1010°C

• Melting Point: 2535°F / 1390°C 



- Ni: 60% 

- Cr: 16% 

- Si: 1.75% 

- Mn: 1% (maximum)

- Fe: 23 %